Community Fridge

Sign up to clean the fridge during the spring on the Volunteering page!

In partnership with Northeastern Hillel, The Catholic Center at Northeastern University, the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service, and Israel Campus Roundtable, we built an interfaith community fridge! It is located outside of the Hillel on 70 Saint Stephen St.

Open to anyone, Northeastern community member or not, the fridge runs off the “give what you can, take what you need” concept in mutual aid. Find latest temperature readings on this graph here.

Special thanks to Zoe and Harrison who coordinated this project and to Catherine DiGangi, Jenna, Logan, Ethan, Catherine LeBlanc, Norman, Rebecca, and members of the Northeastern Mural Club who took time out of their days to set up the shed and make it beautiful 😀 Also thanks to Mak, Alex, and everyone else who helped coordinate initial project meetings and other communications.