Financial Assistance

We have been able to fundraise and offer assistance to first-generation low income students at Northeastern through reimbursements for online school subscriptions and textbooks. If you are a student in need of financial help, we ask that you join the First-Gen Low Income Student Union at Northeastern to learn more about resources. For individuals that need assistance, we will be using the general channel on Slack or our Facebook group for offers and needs and operating with person to person transactions through apps such as Venmo.

Thrive at Northeastern can help students learn about financial independence.

For example, Paws is $20 short on groceries this week. Paws can message into the slack “I need $20 for groceries this week. My Venmo is @Paws.” Someone else in the chat has some extra money and messages back “I’ll Venmo you $10”. Another person has extra as well and messages “I have the other $10”. Now Paws can get groceries! It is not guaranteed that everyone in need will be able to get the money from others in the community. We trust that you will ask for assistance because you need it and not to take advantage of other students.

Prism can help with budgeting and financial planning.

Below are other organizations in Boston that offer financial assistance: