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A view of the Boston skyline at sunset

Situated in the bustling city of Boston, Northeastern University’s main campus is served by an extensive public transportation system, ride-share apps, and plenty of other forms of sustainable travel.

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The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority offers a wide array of public transportation services accessible to Northeastern students.

Subway (T)

Boston’s subway system, called the “T” by locals, is the oldest in the United States. The train carts tend to be crowded, but most sites of interests around the area can be reached by them.

  • NEU is directly served by two subway, or “T” lines
  • The orange line is accessible through Ruggles Station
    • Popular attractions on this line include Chinatown, Haymarket, and Downtown Crossing
  • The green line is accessible at the Northeastern University stop
    • Popular attractions on this line include the Charles River Esplanade, Boston Common, and the Museum of Fine Arts
  • After researching how to reach your destination, please make sure to pay attention to whether you must go inbound (going towards metro Boston) or outbound (going away from metro Boston)
  • For more information on the subway:

Please see the table below for subway fares:

TypeCost (USD)
One-way trip$2.40
Round trip$4.80
1-day pass (includes bus)$12.75
7-day pass (includes bus)$22.50
Monthly Link Pass (includes bus)$90.00

Bus Stops

Bus stations are also widely available in the campus area. They connect Greater Boston and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. Most busses run from 5AM and 1AM but routes differ and are changed every 3 months.

  • You will likely use the local bus over the express bus service; the former serves the immediate area and the latter stop in suburbs and other communities
  • The bus schedule page will send you real time updates about the arrival time of your bus
  • Consider downloading an MBTA app to track the schedule
  • Though the Silver Line is sometimes listed on train routes, it is a bus with a dedicated lane
  • For more information on busses:

Please see the table below for bus fares:

TypeCost (USD)
Local-bus one way$1.70
Express-bus one way$4.25
Monthly bus pass$55.00


A CharlieCard is a card that you can conveniently store funds on ahead of time to use to pay for MBTA travel. CharlieTickets, on the other hand, are bought for one-time usage. It is recommended that you buy a CharlieCard for convenience and to save paper.

You can get a CharlieCard by visiting a T-station (such as Ruggles Station) and and asking the worker at the Kiosk for one.

Student MBTA Discount

For frequent users of MBTA, NEU offers students an 11% discount for unlimited rides per semester which must be purchased for the fall semester by 8/6/2021 at 3PM.

  • Purchase it by going to myNortheastern>Services & Links>NUPay>NUPayBasket>Continue Shopping> Other payments> select the pass type

Please see for more information about which pass is right for you

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Bluebikes is a bike ride-share program with plenty of locations around campus and Boston in general. Consider biking as a more sustainable alternative to the MBTA or driving, or as a way to exercise while sight-seeing!

Join on the app/online, unlock a bike, ride it, and drop it off at any Bluebikes station.

Please see the table below for Bluebikes fares:

TypeCost (USD)
Single trip$2.95
Adventure pass (unlimited 2-hour trips for 24 hours)$10.00
Annual membership$109.00

More information on Bluebikes can be found here:

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Rideshare Apps

Rideshare services are in high-demand in a metropolitan area such as Boston meaning there are plenty of drivers willing to take you to your destination.

  • Services like Uber: and Lyft: are available for your use
  • The RedEye Off Campus Safety Escort is a Northeastern service that can provide you a safe ride if you need one from 7PM-6AM at Snell Library
    • Schedule a ride using the app

Car rental in Israel - International Driving Authority

Car Rental Services

Please note that you must be 21 or older to rent a car in Massachusetts, except for Northeastern’s ZipCar service.

Other Helpful Links

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