Food and Essentials

Information from Northeastern regarding dining can be found here and under the NU COVID-19 Protocols page. We have compiled resources below.

We have been running mobile food pantries on campus (in front of Ruggles by Centennial) almost every week since mid-September. We offer free food, including fresh produce, to all at these events. To stay updated on times and dates, please follow us on Instagram @numutualaid.

Solidarity Supply Distro is supplying free groceries every Monday at 5:30 pm at Makeshift Boston (549 Columbus Ave) and free winter clothing at their free store events (Lucy Parsons Center 358 Centre St – Jamaica Plain). Follow them on Instagram to keep updated, @solidaritysupplydistro.

Fair Foods is an organization in Dorchester that supplies our food pantries and offers reduced price groceries to the Boston community through their $2-a-bag program. More information about their sites can be found on their website.

Daily Table is a grocery store with a local location in Roxbury that offers food at a lower price. They also participate in the food bucks program with Boston so you can get 50% off on all produce if you use your ebt card. To learn about locations/hours, visit their website.

  • Isolation, quarantine, and staying home could mean that students have limited access to food and other essentials. We plan on using Slack channels to get essentials to those that are unable to access what they need.
    • We have students coordinators for different resident halls and neighborhoods that will mediate their specific Slack channels.
    • Students living in that area can join their channel and message in their needs.
    • Another student can then message back that they can fill that need.
    • If a student is uncomfortable with sharing their need, they can direct message a coordinator of that channel who can post it anonymously.
    • Students from different residence halls and neighborhoods are also free to join these channels if they want more opportunities to help.
    • Students can also message in offers, such as extra packaged food that they are willing to share or that they are running to the store and can pickup things that others might need.
    • You can be as involved as much as you want. There are no requirements for filling others’ needs. Please refrain from delivering products if you are feeling sick.
    • Refer to the slideshow at the bottom of the page to see an example of how mutual aid would work in Slack.
  • Examples of needs:
    • prescriptions/pain relievers
    • groceries
    • packages
    • menstrual hygiene products
    • masks and cleaning products
    • toiletries
  • For on-campus students:
    • Northeastern will be delivering food and other essentials to those that have tested positive and are isolating in Wellness Housing.
    • Use the Slack channel designated for your residence hall and turn on notifications!
    • If you need a package shipped to an address that is not ResMail, please message in the Slack channel named Mail and an off-campus student can volunteer to let you use their address. If you are unrestricted, you can pick it up from the person there. If you are quarantined, you can work with that student to figure out how to get the package to you.
  • For off-campus students:
    • There are fewer resources in place for students living off campus in the event that they need to stay home. We would like to help in any way that we can.
    • We have divided off-campus areas and have coordinators mediating needs in those areas. You will find a map below of areas we are currently serving, though we are always looking for more people to join our community!
    • If you are an off-campus student living in one of these areas, please consider joining your corresponding Slack channel. Feel free to join channels for neighborhoods near you, as well. You can use these channels to send in your needs if you are stuck at home and/or offer your assistance to your neighbors.