Sexual Health

Sexual Health Popups is a venture created by the collaborations of NU Mutual aid, NU Share (sexual health and reproductive advocacy; @northeasternshare on instagram,) and BHI Northeastern (Boston Health Initiative; @bhinortheastern on instagram) Around once a month we gather volunteers and table in Curry Crossroads, passing out items (FOR FREE!!) to promote safe sexual health and general well-being. Some items that we distribute include: latex condoms; non-latex condoms; lube; internal condoms; finger condoms; pamphlets regarding STI testing; menstrual products; and masks, provided by the NU mutual aid COVID project.

Popups will be announced on our instagram and likely on the instagrams of our collaborating clubs. The next Sexual Health Popup will be March 20th, 2023 in Curry Student Center from 1:30pm – 7:30pm. Check our calendar to see when the next popups are! If you are interested in helping to plan or volunteer for the pop-ups, please join this WhatsApp group chat here, as that is where the majority of communication is done!

Click the button below to access a google document outlining the reporting options for sexual violence and sexual harassment at Northeastern University.

Below are buttons leading to resources regarding consent, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and pleasure.